Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My dear bloger friends: I just wanted to say thank you for the overwhelming response to my dear Hara's recent passing. Your kind words and compassion means so much to me. I have been reduced to tears many times over the last few days reading your posts. I mean this in a good way, just for the record. I am forever grateful to all of you. Please know that you have helped so much in my grief. It will be a rough road ahead but I am glad that I will not be on that road alone. I am not sure if you have noticed or not but I have started a blog for Lulu. I have decided to end this blog with this post. Every time I come to this blog it brings back so many memories and I can't bear to look at the old posts anymore. Lulu and I hope you will enjoy Lulu's new blog. She is sitting here on my knee as I write this waiting for her turn on the computer. She sends her purrs, head butts, leg rubs, and kitty kisses to all her beloved fans.... She is such a diva. Anyway, please go to the new blog and enjoy. I will try to keep it as upbeat and funny as this blog once was. Thank you all so very much once again and please have your humans give you extra kitty nip for me and Lulu. And too, please have your humans give you a special pet for me.......Lulu's daddy.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hara (1998-2006) RIP. You are loved. You are missed.

This is to notify all of the readers of this blog that on Sunday July 9th, 2006 at 4:30 PM our little Hara passed away peacefully. She was 8 years old and well loved. She was the light of her daddy's life and she was loved to the end. I just thought that everyone should know this since this blog has not been updated in a while. I want to apologize for not being more regular about updates to this blog. It might be a while longer. The fire has went out for now. Thanks for reading this and hope to be back soon. Lulu's Daddy.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hi, this is Hara writin'. That stooopid Daddy has been hogging all the computer time for himself lately. What the heck can be more important than our blogging dammit? I ask you. It seems daddy has gotten himself a "girfren." Whatever the heck that is. He also keeps on babbling like a blintherin' idiot to us about having a new "momma". What the heck are we goin' to do with one of those. Are they anything like catnip or kitty treats? Anyway, somethin' is up with that guy. I just hope it isn't contageous. He is weird. He is alwas acting silly and smilin' and he sits and stares into space for hours at a time. What the heck is up with that??? Then there is the mood changes. I don't get it. I just hope the clown is gonna be okay. He acts sick or somethin'. Who is gonna keep the litter box empty and the food and water dishes full for us. WHO? And too we don't have all the alone time we used to have. He is hangin' around all the time and on the computer most of it. It is puttin' a real cramp on me an' Lulu's kitty poker games and our partyin' is shot to hell. How does he expect me to keep social appearances if we can't invite our cat buddies over to party? Stoopid daddy.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The aftermath of Hara's Nip Binge

Hi this is Lulu writing this. I just wanted to update you on what happened with the niphead I live with. Well, you should have seen her later that night. Man she was hung over from too much nip. I kept on being as loud and as obnoxious as I could just to make her yell at me. She moped around and hissed and swatted at me all night and into the next day. It was so darn funny. It was worth the embarrassment of earlier that day. I especially loved it when she was running after me and she tripped on our friend Paige's foots and went a flying. I kinda got in the way and got runned into but it was worth every second of it. I laughed so hard. I thought I would bust a gut. It was so funny. Well that is all I wanted to tell you about so I guess I better pub-lish this. I will be back again soon.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Daddy's Great, give us Kittynip.

Yay! Daddy sez he’s gonna give us kittynip tonight! In fact here he comes now. He’s puttin’ it on the floor, and he mushes it up real good so’s I can smell it...WOW!!! He must have just got this stuff! It smells really strong, kinda like Daddy’s mint tea, only not 'zactly, and it makes me feel happy. Oh, I just gotta taste this, it smells so good... it’s kinda dry and kinda crumbly but that’s OK, 'cuz the more I eat the happier I feel. OOOOHHHH... my head is startin’ to feel all tickly inside... and when your head feels like this, the only thing to do is ROLL. Roll, roll, roll, in the kittynip. WHEEEEE! It makes the smell come up again, and now I smell like kittynip and everything is soooo funny... look at Daddy sittin’ there, shakin’ his head and laughin’... He's so silly? he is sayin’ somethin’ about me and stones outta gords or somthin' kinda like that. I wonder what that means... Oh heck I am too happy t o worry about silly stuff like that right now. I will ask Lulu later and see if she knows. Daddy just tossed me my Tribble toy! Oh, I just gotta grab it and bite and kick at it all at the same time, cos it smells like kittynip too, and it's got a little ding-y bell and the sound tickles my ears when I play with it. OOOHHH...and now I have to RUN! Run run run like the wind, round and round, back and forth, round the corners...AHHHHH !!! Daddy’s chair’s comin’ RIGHT at me! Turned just in time! Ha ha, missed me! Hey, look at Lulu! Doesn’t she look silly with all that fur? (Snicker) She really is itchin' to to be pounced, nobody needs that much fur!! OK, Pounce time furbrain... I crouch down,wiggle my butt...annnndddd... HEY!! THE FLOOR JUST TIPPED ME OVER!! NO FAIR!! Oh well, I’m comfterbul here...so I’ll just take a short nap (yawn)... a quick dozzzzzz....... (Snore) Note from Lulu: I am so stinking imbarrased. Who the heck let her on the computer in that condition anyway? I am going to have to speak to daddy about this. Man, you aught to hear that tub-o snore!!!! I wish I had a tape recorder. This would make good blackmail material later.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hey! This is Hara writing this. I hope all the other kitties are doin' okay out there. I was thinkin' about things that have happened to me to write about but I haven't a clue what to write. Now that has never stopped me from havin' an opinion before so if you will excuse the ramblin' I will tell you all about all that is on my mind lately. Anyway, that stupid daddy of mine has been hoggin' the computer lately. He says it is because we got fans now and he has to go through all the email and sort out his from ours but I think he is just fiddlin' around just so we don't get to use the computer to tell about all the weird stuff he does. You should see him listenin' to his music. Geeezz! It's a flippin' riot. That guy looks like he is gettin' 'lectro-cuted. I mean really, doesn't that guy have any pride??? Gimmy a break! I also have heard him sing. It reminds me of Lulu cat-ter-wall-in' at daddy when the water dish gets floties in it except he throws in a hairball sound or two for empasis. She is kinda picky about the water dish. Me, well, I don't care. Its wet, its cool, and its not like ya gotta chew it or somthin'. I just drink around the floties. Daddy says ya gotta worry about somethin' called "jerms". Whatever the heck that is. Daddy says we can't see 'em but we gotta watch out for 'em. Get flipping real! Now tell me, just how the hell are we supposed to watch out for something we can't even see???? Like that makes sense. Humans! Can't live with 'em cant live without 'em. I am so glad I am a kitty. We are a lot less uppity and a whole lot more reasonable. Anyway, I can't think of anythin' to write so I guess I better get this posted so that I can go see what my daddy is doing. I gotta keep an eye on him all of the time. And I am the baby around here. I think there is somthin' weird about that. Shouldn't he be watchin' me??? It would be far more interestin' that is for sure.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Cat Files of Lulu...

We are so lucky. Daddy made pork chops today and we got to have a sample. They were yummy. We love our human food almost as much as we like our kitty treats but if given a choice I would still prefer kitty treats. Pounce and whisker Lickin's are our favorite but we have heard of this kitty treat that is like milk except it don't make you barf all over like milk does us. Hara and I also like yo-gurt that is good stuff. Daddy gets teased cause he feeds us the yo-gurt on the scoopy thingie he uses cause humans use their paws to eat and they are really particular about getting food on their paws. I wonder what that is all about. I love getting food on my paws and then I get to clean it off. What do you guys think? Yummy huh??? Well gotta go and see what Hara is up to. See you guys next time.

Hey Lulu here again....

Hi. I am writing this in a hurry because Hara is playing with a toy I want and I gotta run and get it from the little creep so I can enjoy it. Have you ever watched that tv show called Star Trek??? There is this one where these little mousie looking thingies called tribbles get loose and start to mult-ply and they get all over the place. Anyway this toy looks just like one of those. It is a big furry thingy about the size of any big kitty's head and it has a tail made out of the same stuff that the humans wear. Anyway it is loaded with nice freash new cat nip and we just love it. We got it for Christmas from our auntie Carol and our cousins Riktor, Misha and Esme. This is the coolest toy ever. Even more fun than a paper sack. If you can believe that. I know I had a hard time believing it when I found out. But its true. Cat's honor. Well gotta go. Daddys waiting to use the computer. See you later.