Friday, May 05, 2006

Hi, this is Hara writin'. That stooopid Daddy has been hogging all the computer time for himself lately. What the heck can be more important than our blogging dammit? I ask you. It seems daddy has gotten himself a "girfren." Whatever the heck that is. He also keeps on babbling like a blintherin' idiot to us about having a new "momma". What the heck are we goin' to do with one of those. Are they anything like catnip or kitty treats? Anyway, somethin' is up with that guy. I just hope it isn't contageous. He is weird. He is alwas acting silly and smilin' and he sits and stares into space for hours at a time. What the heck is up with that??? Then there is the mood changes. I don't get it. I just hope the clown is gonna be okay. He acts sick or somethin'. Who is gonna keep the litter box empty and the food and water dishes full for us. WHO? And too we don't have all the alone time we used to have. He is hangin' around all the time and on the computer most of it. It is puttin' a real cramp on me an' Lulu's kitty poker games and our partyin' is shot to hell. How does he expect me to keep social appearances if we can't invite our cat buddies over to party? Stoopid daddy.