Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hey! This is Hara writing this. I hope all the other kitties are doin' okay out there. I was thinkin' about things that have happened to me to write about but I haven't a clue what to write. Now that has never stopped me from havin' an opinion before so if you will excuse the ramblin' I will tell you all about all that is on my mind lately. Anyway, that stupid daddy of mine has been hoggin' the computer lately. He says it is because we got fans now and he has to go through all the email and sort out his from ours but I think he is just fiddlin' around just so we don't get to use the computer to tell about all the weird stuff he does. You should see him listenin' to his music. Geeezz! It's a flippin' riot. That guy looks like he is gettin' 'lectro-cuted. I mean really, doesn't that guy have any pride??? Gimmy a break! I also have heard him sing. It reminds me of Lulu cat-ter-wall-in' at daddy when the water dish gets floties in it except he throws in a hairball sound or two for empasis. She is kinda picky about the water dish. Me, well, I don't care. Its wet, its cool, and its not like ya gotta chew it or somthin'. I just drink around the floties. Daddy says ya gotta worry about somethin' called "jerms". Whatever the heck that is. Daddy says we can't see 'em but we gotta watch out for 'em. Get flipping real! Now tell me, just how the hell are we supposed to watch out for something we can't even see???? Like that makes sense. Humans! Can't live with 'em cant live without 'em. I am so glad I am a kitty. We are a lot less uppity and a whole lot more reasonable. Anyway, I can't think of anythin' to write so I guess I better get this posted so that I can go see what my daddy is doing. I gotta keep an eye on him all of the time. And I am the baby around here. I think there is somthin' weird about that. Shouldn't he be watchin' me??? It would be far more interestin' that is for sure.