Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The aftermath of Hara's Nip Binge

Hi this is Lulu writing this. I just wanted to update you on what happened with the niphead I live with. Well, you should have seen her later that night. Man she was hung over from too much nip. I kept on being as loud and as obnoxious as I could just to make her yell at me. She moped around and hissed and swatted at me all night and into the next day. It was so darn funny. It was worth the embarrassment of earlier that day. I especially loved it when she was running after me and she tripped on our friend Paige's foots and went a flying. I kinda got in the way and got runned into but it was worth every second of it. I laughed so hard. I thought I would bust a gut. It was so funny. Well that is all I wanted to tell you about so I guess I better pub-lish this. I will be back again soon.