Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We Gotta Blog.....

Hello and welcome to our very own blog. We have been bugging and bugging our daddy forever to let us have a blog and finally he let us have one. We are going to have sooo much fun. Just for introduction purposes this is Hara writing this entry. I am a beautiful little black kitty and contrary to what my daddy says I am NOT opinionated. I just know what I like. Lulu on the other hand is opinionated and a poopiehead. (gives raspberries) She is the boring one. I am cool though. And smart too. You oughta see her shmoozing up to the humans for kitty treats. How pathetic. I am so embarrassed for her. NO BRAINS!!!! Me, I just command it and it is. I got class after all. I am a class act all the way. Nothing but the best for this little black kitty. Oh and don't call me a flipping cat or I will give you the glaring of a lifetime. I am a person just like everybody else. Lulu says I am a cat but Lulu is sooooo stupid she can't find her tail with both paws and a map what the heck does she know. I am prettier smarter cooler and funnier than she will ever be. So there. Anyway, I guess I better post this so that I can get to building this site up a bit. It is going to be soooo way cool. Pictures and everything. Of course I built it so what else could it be? After all I am the best kitty in the world. Right? Right!


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