Friday, March 24, 2006

The Cat Files of Lulu...

We are so lucky. Daddy made pork chops today and we got to have a sample. They were yummy. We love our human food almost as much as we like our kitty treats but if given a choice I would still prefer kitty treats. Pounce and whisker Lickin's are our favorite but we have heard of this kitty treat that is like milk except it don't make you barf all over like milk does us. Hara and I also like yo-gurt that is good stuff. Daddy gets teased cause he feeds us the yo-gurt on the scoopy thingie he uses cause humans use their paws to eat and they are really particular about getting food on their paws. I wonder what that is all about. I love getting food on my paws and then I get to clean it off. What do you guys think? Yummy huh??? Well gotta go and see what Hara is up to. See you guys next time.

Hey Lulu here again....

Hi. I am writing this in a hurry because Hara is playing with a toy I want and I gotta run and get it from the little creep so I can enjoy it. Have you ever watched that tv show called Star Trek??? There is this one where these little mousie looking thingies called tribbles get loose and start to mult-ply and they get all over the place. Anyway this toy looks just like one of those. It is a big furry thingy about the size of any big kitty's head and it has a tail made out of the same stuff that the humans wear. Anyway it is loaded with nice freash new cat nip and we just love it. We got it for Christmas from our auntie Carol and our cousins Riktor, Misha and Esme. This is the coolest toy ever. Even more fun than a paper sack. If you can believe that. I know I had a hard time believing it when I found out. But its true. Cat's honor. Well gotta go. Daddys waiting to use the computer. See you later.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hi this is Lulu again. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was too busy laughing my butt off at Hara. What a nucklehead. I was sooo clever getting her like I did the other day. And for that person who called me evil. Well you ought to see what I gotta put up with. She is sooooo embarrassing she is a first class klutz. The guy that wrote that all cats fall on their feet obviously hasn't met Hara. Oh, and you wanta talk clueless I mean she is the clulessest of the clueless. I have done stuff like stare at the ceiling for a long time and get her to look and then when she is busy looking I just walk away. It is so funny. She stares and stares and I just go into the other room and sit there giggling to myself and watch her. She finally gives up and then is bugging me all day about what was up there. But, I usually act like I haven't the slightest idea what the heck she is talking about. It drives her bananas. She once sat there for an hour before she figured out I had gotten her AGAIN... Hee hee heee.... Just wanted to share that little tidbit with you. Well, I better go. I feel a nap coming on. I will write again soon.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Lulu Is In Sooo Much Trouble...

Hey this is Hara. I am so mad at Lulu. She and I were playin' yeserday an' I was all set up for the pounce of a lifetime but I was waitin' for her to come out of the bedroom. Thing is the poopiehead wasn't in the bedroom. I waited and waited and waited and waited... Well you get the picture. Anway. I was sittin' there for I don't know how long. I was all tensed up and ready to pounce and something touched me on the butt. Well, it scared the hell outta me. I bout lost all the black in my fur and that isn't sposta come out. Anyway, it was that damned Lulu. Stoopid poopiehead had been sittin' behind me and waitin' to scare me outta a life or two. I jumped almost to the ceiling and swung around and gave her such a smack on the head. Dumb ol' Lulu anyway. No wonder I am the favorite kitty in my house. Lulu is a jerk. I am going to wait until she forgets all about it and I am going to pounce on her like she has never been pounced on before. That'll show her. Huh? she is such a dork. I mean was that unfair or what? Well, I gotta go. My daddy is asleep and he looks so comfy I just gotta snuggle up and take a nap with him. I am going to let Lulu write the next time. She can tell you all about the megapounce from hell i'm gonna give her. It should be pretty darn hularious. See ya later.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hey, We have readers... For Cool!!!!!

Hey, this is Hara writin' this. I hear that our buddy Max has been tellin' his fans to come see our blog. We are so exited we could poop. We have been aktually answerin' fan mail. I could get used to having fans. I like it. I like it. I like it. Hee hee hee. When Lulu and I saw all the response we gaved each other a major high five and I gaved her a bap on the head for good luck. She is SO stooopid. I like bapin' her on the head whenever I get the chance. It is so funny how she acts when I do it. She is so, "like, hey!" and I am so "like, wha???" She just stands there and stares. DUUUUMMMMMMBBBB!!!!!! Of course not everybody is as smart or as cool as me and my friend Max the Psychokitty. We are in a class by ourselves. We are the image of cool. He is better than me really. He has more of an understandin' about what the heck things are about. He rocks. Well, I better get goin' I am hungry and I am goin' to try to convince daddy to give us some wet cat food. Wish me luck.

Hara on....

Hey, I found a reply to one of the posts. I am so exited, I am a little mad because it was one of Lulu's posts that got answered. I am better than her you know. Thats okay I wrote an answer for it myself and I haven't told Lulu. She probably won't notice it anyway. I forgot to tell her about the fact that people can write stuff on our blog. Weellll... Maybe I didn't exactly forget to tell her but by the time she reads this it will be too darn late. So there. (gives raspberries) I am so clever. I got to sample taco meat tonight when our daddy made tacos for his supper. I was so clever because I was smart enough to hang out with daddy while he was cooking and he gave me a sample since I was there. Lulu got some afterwards but that was way after me and mine was still nice and hot. Hers was cold. I know, I stole a bit before daddy found out. He gets mad when I steal from her. I mean it isn't like it does anything for her. She never gains an ounce. I mean she could eat the whole bag of our cat food and only gain the weight of the food for as long as it takes her to poop it out. Weird. She is healthy and everything it is just she doesn't put it on like I do. Daddy is always giving me crap about that too and I just look at him like "You can talk there lardo!" Hee hee. He is going to be so mad when he reads this. Thats okay though I will have already posted it. So there. I mean what can he do? Take away my car keys? I don't think so. Well I better go for now. I am getting sleepy and daddy looks so comfy sleeping in his bed that I just gotta go snuggle. He loves it when I decide to favor him with snuggles at five o'clock in the morning. I will write again soon though.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hara and Lulu On...

Hi Its Lulu again. I convinced my daddy to let me write in the blog again. I thought you guys would appreciate the break from that furry gas bag and believe me that is literally. PHEEEEW!!! I have been wanting to sell her to the army but daddy tells me that there is some law or something against biological warfare. I am not sure about that one though. I don't pay attention to the news much exept for when daddy turns on NPR. We like that station alot. They play classical music. Our favorite. Anyway, I was thinking today about all the stuff going on in the world. Especially that thingie that daddy calls poli-ticks. What a mess. It make me glad that us cats don't need any government. We get along with each other just fine by the bigger guy runs the show. Its worked for thirty-two million years give or take a bit. Humans on the other hand have been around something like four million years. Gee that is a long time. And I am guessing that daddy is almost that old. He is really old that is for sure. I am told that a cat year is only one sixth as long as the human year and so given that you can see he is blinking ancient. But we love him. He pets good. Well, I better go for now. I got a new grocery bag to play with and I want to get to it befor Hara wrecks it or daddy tosses it in the garbage. I will be back again soon I am going to let Hara do the next blog so she stays in a good mood. She is a real pain in my butt when her view on how things are supposed to be. The poopiehead anyway.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lulu's Turn... Finally, something that makes sense.

Hi, this is Lulu writing this. I am sooo excited about this blog thingie. I could hardly wait to try it out when daddy told me and Hara about it. I just knew he would come to his senses and give us our own blog. We know all about blogging after all. We read "The Psycho Kitty speaks out" and the Buddha Pest blog all the time. Max the Psycho Kitty is our hero. Oh and our Auntie Carol's cat Misha is too. But Max and Buddha are the only cats that we have found with their own blogs. Max is sooo cool he says it like it is and doesn't care what his humans think. We like him a lot. Anyway, I hope you weren't too bored with Hara's prattle. She is soooo stooopid. I am much smarter and nicer, I am a good kitty. You know, I just don't get her thing about being called a cat. Gee, what's wrong with being a cat??? I been one for years and I love it. CATS RULE!!!!! Especially at my house. Although we just let daddy think he is in control so he doesn't get mad and not feed us or something like that. Hee hee. We got him soooo buffaloed. We just look at the guy with that ever so sweet look and he forgets all about whatever he was talking about and we just get outta Dodge before he remembers. Works every time. I got him to do this really cool trick. I meow at him and he gives me kitty treats. I so do love my kitty treats. After all, what else better in life is there? Although, being petted is pretty cool too. By the way, I am so mad I could just spit puppies. I was taking a nap on this comfy blanket like thingie that I found draped over the back of my favorite chair today and this poopiehead lady that was visiting daddy came and tried to pick me up and move me. I was so mad I swiped at her with claws extended and I gave her a piece of my mind really loudly. I was hoping daddy would hear me and come to my rescue and pop her in the head for bugging his little baby girl kitty but he just stayed in bed and let her do it. I was so surprised too. Usually if somebody dicks around with us our daddy does something he calls "ripping them a new one." Whatever the heck that is. I just know it isn't good. Daddy is not one to be messed with and I should know. I mess with him a million times a day. But I get away with it. I am the favorite after all. (sticks nose up in air.) Besides daddy knows I love him. I am always giving him wrist kisses and allowing him to sniff my butt so he knows. Of that I am sure. I mean it isn't like I got competition around here. I mean that furry vacuum cleaner of a Hara is not even close to as popular as I am around here. You ought to see her. She is so clumsy. I mean she falls down so often that you could set your watch by it. It just makes me laugh my butt off thinking about it. I bet she could even fall down while laying directly on the ground with her feet in the air. I just love it when she does it too. I make sure to rub it in when I catch her. She hates that almost as much as being called a cat. You would never catch me making such a dork out of myself. I wouldn't even embarrass myself that much for my beloved kitty treats. I have class after all. Oh, and speaking of kitty treats I am NOT a kitty treat slut. I don't care what people say. I am a connoisseur of kitty treats. Thank you very much. I don't just devour them like that poopiehead Hara. I savor them and take note of their individual quality and flavor. Hey that sounded good. I sure can sound smart when I want to. I can also play dumb kitty when it suits me too. I get a kick out of standing there and staring at daddy with this "Huh???" look on my face when he is telling me to do stuff. I understand pretty good English, I just don't let daddy know that. He might expect me to do something awful like work or something if he knew how much I really understand. Hara almost blew it once when she was going to whip out our easel and show daddy how us being up on the counter was a quirk of physics and therefore not our faults. I got to her first though and stopped her before she blew the whole thing. Besides she doesn't get that stuff anyway. She understands a lot less than I do because I was a mom once. I have always said that Hara is nothing but one HUMUNGOUS kitten. I treat her like it too. I mean if she is going to be as clueless as a kitten I see it as my right to treat her as such. The poopiehead anyway. She only understands stuff when it comes at her at high speed with claws extended. Or when daddy yells it at her, whatever comes first. What a maroon. Hee hee hee. Well I guess I better post this and go see what Hara is up too. Man I hate babysitting that big fathead. But, I guess I gotta do it. Daddy needs all the help he can get with her. It's real work trying to keep her from harming herself or others. I do it because I love my daddy though. Daddy rocks. Well, I guess I will have to write some more later. Blogging is fun.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Here's a little picture of me and Lulu. I am the cute one in the front. Doesn't Lulu look so silly with all that fur. Not nice and silky and shiny like me. I'm pretty, huh? Anyway, I just wanted to share this one with all of you. I couldn't wait to get this one into the blogasphere or whatever the heck it's called. BTW Lulu says hello. She will get to write in this once in a while too but I am the smarter of us so I went first. I sure do like this blogging stuff. I just know this is going to be fun. I am a really fun person wait and see. Well I gotta go. Lulu is sleeping again and I want to pounce on her before she has too much time to get to sleep. I am so sneaky huh??? You gotta be on your toes around here.

We Gotta Blog.....

Hello and welcome to our very own blog. We have been bugging and bugging our daddy forever to let us have a blog and finally he let us have one. We are going to have sooo much fun. Just for introduction purposes this is Hara writing this entry. I am a beautiful little black kitty and contrary to what my daddy says I am NOT opinionated. I just know what I like. Lulu on the other hand is opinionated and a poopiehead. (gives raspberries) She is the boring one. I am cool though. And smart too. You oughta see her shmoozing up to the humans for kitty treats. How pathetic. I am so embarrassed for her. NO BRAINS!!!! Me, I just command it and it is. I got class after all. I am a class act all the way. Nothing but the best for this little black kitty. Oh and don't call me a flipping cat or I will give you the glaring of a lifetime. I am a person just like everybody else. Lulu says I am a cat but Lulu is sooooo stupid she can't find her tail with both paws and a map what the heck does she know. I am prettier smarter cooler and funnier than she will ever be. So there. Anyway, I guess I better post this so that I can get to building this site up a bit. It is going to be soooo way cool. Pictures and everything. Of course I built it so what else could it be? After all I am the best kitty in the world. Right? Right!